TFS or Talent Football Scouting is an Agency of representation of football players and sports consultancies.
Our agency is focused on the recruitment and development of young soccer players and professionals to be transferred to professional clubs in Chile and the world.

The value of differentiation is TFS with other agencies that provide personalized representation, in other words we have a small number of players in order to provide excellent service.

Our philosophy integrates professionalism and transparency in the representation and transfer of football players.
TFS focuses on responsible growth of the player, considering sustained growth as a professional and person, supporting their emotional, social and sporting activities.

Our Agency is a fundamental principle the analysis and evaluation of the professional player. This is a comprehensive analysis that considers all the individual variables-player must develop and improve performance to get up and optimal performance curve.


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Juan Carlos Moraga

Advertiser and football coach trained in South America, United States, Netherlands, Canada and England, with over 10 years experience with office equipment, including Duke University in the NCAA Div I and the Club Chapel Hill United, both of North Carolina, USA. In Chile, Juan Carlos was technical assistant women's national teams U-15 and U-17, reaching the FIFA U-17 World Cup Trinidad & Tobago 2010.

Has specialized studies in young soccer in Chile, Argentina, United States, Holland and England in the FA (Football Association) Football Association of England, Liverpool (2010) aimed at young people aged 5 to 17 years based on the English model "The 4 Corners model "base of our development model MDI.

In TFS, Juan Carlos is responsible for the recruitment, placement and development of young players and professionals in South America and abroad.

Claudio Pavez

Master Engineer with graduate IEDE Spain.
In TFS is responsible for planning and developing new markets and business areas of our agency.


Mediation between clubs and players ; As both transfers and loans levels.


In our agency we have coaches and geographically distributed scouts . During the recruitment process , each player is evaluated by our experts.

Gonzalo, has developed his career in Europe, living 27 years in Salzburg - Austria, having narrow relation with European Clubs of the first order and FIFA representatives.
Today his trayectory and this experience to the service of our Agency and players

Boss Scouting
Cristian Mora T

Antonio Ruiz G.
Pablo Morales H.
Mauricio Monsalve F.
Juan Pablo Arriagada L.
Pablo López U.
Juan Silva G.

Recruitment / Phisycal Department

Cristian Stindt

Professor of Physical Education at the Universidad Andrés Bello.
In TFS is in charge of the recruitment of young players and physical support for the best development of our players.

Visual Department

Andres Echeverria

Football coach with a degree in visual communication.
In TFS is responsible for recording, editing videos, compact, tactical analysis, statistics and digital monitoring of youth and professional players.


Tax Study P & P

We have a strategic alliance with P & P study

Real Estate

Jessie Plon

His experience in the real estate market is to provide our players with the aim to support our players in this area.


Image and Communications

TFS has a strategic alliance with the leading Mideaworks agency with the primary objective of building and maintaining the image of our players through communications and media in general.